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in san francisco over the weekend. two people were killed, dozens more were injured. the ntsb is just wrapping up a news conference right now where investigators report that there was a post-crash fire in one of the engines. somehow an oil tank ruptured leaking fuel on to the hot engine. >> when you get down to the seawall, you can identify where the first strikes took place. first the main landing gear impacted the seawall and then the tail. investigators will also be documenting the seating compartment to figure out what it calls a survivability analysis. >>> the air force is pulling a brochure on prevents sexual assault after a lawmaker questioned some of its advice. the letter was circulated at a south carolina base today. it subjects that women submit to an attack -- suggests that women submit to the attack than resist it. it was rejected in may when it was included in a series of steps the pentagon was taking to address military sex assaults. she says the pentagon reviewed the letter and agreed with her concerns. gllz white house jay carng any says the u.s. will not make a quick
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1